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10 Qualities of Effective Leadership

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


  • There are various traits and characteristics that make up an effective team leader.

  • If you want your colleagues to follow you, it’s important to demonstrate certain skills.

  • These will inspire the trust and respect of your team.

  • Practice these skills to be an exemplary leader at your workplace...

1. Communicate clearly:

  • In order to present your expectations to your team in a way that they can understand, you must communicate clearly, both in written and verbal forms.

  • Listening to your team members is also a crucial aspect of good communication.

2. Possess strong organizational skills.

  • You will need to plan objectives and strategies to ensure that your team is working towards set goals in an effective manner.

3. Show confidence:

  • Be confident in your own abilities as well as those of your team.

  • Ensure that the team members you choose for each task are capable of performing that task.

  • Confidence is vital to gain the respect of your subordinates and superiors

4. Be respectful:

  • Respect for your team is important. Encourage them to offer ideas of their own.

  • Listen closely to what they have to say and use their input whenever possible.

5. Be fair and kind:

  • Treat all of your team fairly.

  • Recognize and reward them when they have performed well.

  • Be consistent when reprimanding team members.

  • Avoid showing favoritism.

6. Exemplify integrity:

  • Leaders that excel are honest and open with the other members of their team.

  • Gaining their trust is incredibly important and this tactic will encourage them to be open and honest with you as well.

7. Be influential in key areas:

  • When you make effective decisions and are able to communicate this to your team, you’ll gain their confidence.

  • This will help ensure that your team is equipped to meet the goals that have been set by the company.

8. Delegate effectively:

  • You are only one person, so from time to time, you will have to delegate important tasks to other team members...

  • Giving them the opportunity to lead their own small teams.

  • If you have gained the trust of your team and are confident in their ability, then this should not be too hard.

9. Become a powerful facilitator:

  • Your team must be able to understand what it is that they are being asked to do.

  • That is your job as their team leader.

  • Be able to organize an effective action plan.

  • Ensure that each one of your team members understands the objectives and is able to meet the goals efficiently.

10. Be a skillful Negotiator:

  • As a team leader, you will need to be an expert at helping to resolve workplace conflict.

  • Learn to negotiate with your colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for everyone involved.


  • Be the Leader You Always Wanted To Be

  • Leadership skills are important in the workplace, especially if you want to further your career. Not everyone has these skills, but if you are willing to work at them, you will soon inspire confidence in your own leadership skills.

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