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eEducational Advantage


Just like every student has their own unique educational needs, we recognize that no two schools or educators are the same. eEducational Advantage works hand in hand with each client to develop a comprehensive technology plan.
Our enterprise-level solutions help educational institutions navigate the complex and ever-evolving technology landscape to create a world-class educational experience.
Our individual coaching sessions, client-focused trainings, and detailed technology audits help educators and students of all ages adopt industry best practices for successful virtual learning.
With decades of experience in eLearning, eEducational Advantage helps students and educators improve their results and get the most out of virtual learning. 
Pauline Ann Baba eEducational Advantage

Founder and Principal

Dr. Pauline Ann Baba, PhD

Dr. Baba is one of the world’s most preeminent scholars of educational technology, e-learning and change management. With more than 20 years of experience in online portal and curriculum development, more than 20 years of technology training for teachers, and over 30 publications under her belt, Dr Baba specializes in helping educators and administrators break down the barriers that prevent students from reaching their full potential.

As a life-long educator and technologist, Dr. Baba created eEducational Advantage in 2019 to make it easier for educators to seamlessly incorporate technology into the classroom and to create a more interactive learning environment for students of all ages.

Dr Baba holds an EdD from the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership and Educational Technology, an MEd from Xavier University in Cincinnati and and Undergraduate Degree in Computer Information Systems from Tulane University. 

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